Versveld Pass Bike Trip – Day Trip

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Versveld Pass Bike Trip – Day Trip on Tar

Versveld Pass Bike Trip

Versveld Pass is situated in Piketberg and is an all tar road pass. As an extra we ventured further on to a unknown road named New Caledonia Rd that snakes through a picturesque valley.


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Versveld Pass Bike Trip

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Versveld Pass Bike Trip Highlights:

  • Versveld Pass
  • New Caledonia Rd



Versveld Pass Motorcycle Trip Report:

Versveld Pass is a very quiet pass with a lot of lookout points.  Although this is a very short mountain pass the views were simply incredible. We ended up stopping more than we rode for view appreciation.

We were able to see the snow on the Cederberg Mountains from the lookout points on this pass as well as the green farm lands.


View from Versveld Pass


From the crown of Versveld Pass we set onward to experience the rest of the pass form the other side and by mistakenly missing a turn-off we got to experience New Caledonia Rd.

The other side of the pass was not as scenic as the first part between Piketberg and the top of the pass but still enjoyable and still offered some nice views.


Narrow winding road – New Caledonia Rd


New Caledonia Rd is a very narrow tarred road that twists through a valley past livestock, vineyard farms and many farm worker settlements.  The views were great but even more so were the atmosphere we experienced while riding this road.  You felt as if you were in another world.  The road surface is pretty good but there are a few more technical parts such as a spot where the small river had washed away a bit of the road.


View from the end of New Caledonia Rd


New Caledonia Rd was one of our best tar road finds to date (of this article).


Our return route was the same way we entered through Versveld Pass.  It was decided that taking on any further gravel routes would be better suited once the gravel roads dried (see part one of this trip Haaskraal Rd).



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Versveld Pass:


New Caledonia Rd:



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