Warmwaterberg Bike Trip – 3 Day Trip

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Warmwaterberg Motorcycle Trip.

warmwaterberg bike trip

This gravel and tar route was completed through Rawsonville, Robertson, Mcgreggor, Ashton, Montagu, Barrydale, Warmwaterberg, Plathuis, Laingsburg, and Ladismith with a return through Worcester and Bain’s Kloof.


Warmwaterberg Motorcycle Trip Route Maps:

Day 1 Route:

* Areas marked in red are gravel roads

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REST DAY – used as an optional rest day between Day 1 and 2:

No route map as I relaxed at Warmwaterberg Spa this day.


Day 2 Route:

The above map is as an extra for this trip as you need to turn around at Sambona Nature Reserve unless you want to get a guide to travel through the reserve.

* Areas marked in red are gravel roads

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* Areas marked in red are gravel roads

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* Areas marked in red are gravel roads

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Day 3 Route:

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Warmwaterberg Bike Trip Features:

  • Du Toitskloof Pass
  • Eilandia Gravel Road
  • Die Bloubanke Pass (Gravel Pass)
  • Strykhoogte Pass (Gravel Pass)
  • Kogmanskloof Pass
  • Wildehondskloofhoogte Pass
  • Op De Tradouw Pass
  • Karoo Saloon
  • Diesel & Crème
  • Ronnies Sex Shop
  • Warmwaterberg Spa
  • Gravel Road to Sambona Nature Reserve
  • Prinspoort (Gravel Poort)
  • Outol Pass (Gravel Pass)
  • Klein Swartberg Pass (Gravel Pass)
  • Volstruisnek Pass (Gravel Pass)
  • Wasbank Pass (Gravel Pass)
  • Perdefonteinkloof Pass (Gravel Pass)
  • Rooinekke Pass
  • Laingsburg Bridge
  • Witnekke Pass
  • R323 Gravel Road to Seweweekspoort
  • Seweweekspoort (Gravel Poort)
  • Bain’s Kloof Pass



DAY 1:

Cape Town to Barrydale – Motorcycle Trip Route.

I have a couple of places I visit as yearly bike trips and Warmwaterberg is one of the places on said list.

The trip was planned last minute on the Friday night and I hastily emailed Warmwaterberg Spa to check availability. I was in luck and they replied that my favourite camp site was open for the Saturday and Sunday nights.

I have a specific campsite where I always pitch my tent or a specific caravan that I book when I visit. Must be thinking this guy is mental but I enjoy my preferred options.

Saturday morning I set off on the N1 direction Rawsonville.

The idea was to ride through Rawsonville and then take the back gravel routes to Roberston. After a couple of missed turn-offs I finally got to the Eilandia turn-off.

I do not use a GPS so I do tend to explore a bit blindly sometimes.


Eilandia Gravel Road


The Eilandia road is a short tar section and turns into a lovely gravel road. This road is extremely well kept.

The Eilandia road offers a very worth visiting gravel pass named Die Bloubanke Pass. I had a quick coffee stop near the summit of the pass but unfortunately the wind was not in my favour and it was dust everywhere. In your mouth, eyes, nose and some places not to mention.

Was great fun riding though.


Die Bloubanke Pass


From the Die Bloubanke Pass I headed through Robertson an took the turn-off to Mcgreggor.

Just before Mcgreggor I reached the split in the road towards Vrolijkheid Nature Reserve.

I turned in on the nature reserve road (Steenboksvlakte Rd) which is a narrow gravel road winding through the hills and featuring game camps on either side of the road. Unfortunately I did not get to see any wildlife but still a beautiful road to ride.


Turn-off for Steenboksvlakte Rd


The next stop on the above mentioned road was Strykhoogte Pass.

This pass is a gravel pass and is a very short pass. It reminded me of a very smaller version of Swartberg Pass.


Strykhoogte Pass


Just after Strykhoogte Pass (a couple of km’s) I reached a fork in the road and headed left towards Ashton.

En-route to Ashton I came across the little Red Bridge. Apparently this bridge is somewhat of a tourist attraction and has some history but I will need to read up on it.


Little Red Bridge


The next pass on my list was Kogmanskloof Pass just past Ashton on the way to Montagu. Kogmanskloof Pass was still under construction and had two stop-and-go’s.

The pass was great fun to ride while it was under construction as you snake left to right between barriers on old and fresh tar which made it great fun. (Jip small things amuse small minds).

At one of these mentioned stops-and-go’s I met up with some more bike travellers and had some fun riding with them into Montagu.

From Montagu I continued on the R62 over Op De Tradouw Pass into Barrydale.

My plan was to buy my meat and some other needed items for my first night camping in Barrydale, but to my detriment everything was already closed when I got there just before 4pm. Makes you realize how spoiled we are to have shops open until 8pm no matter the day of the week.

Soooo…. My hunt began to find some meat at least.

Luckily I met a couple next to the road who steered me in the direction of the local fuel station where they sold meat. I was fortunate enough to buy some chops and kudu fillet and what a treat that was!!!

With some of the supplies needed in stock and loaded I set onward to the traditional stop at Ronnies Sex shop for a quick refreshment before the final stop of the day, Warmwaterberg Spa.

After setting up camp I headed for the campsite shop to get my firewood supply in order for the night.

As I walked to the shop I passed two fellow bikers standing next to their camp fire. They immediately invited me to bring my dop and join them. I am not going mentioned any names here but I thank you for a great evening spent with some red wine and stories of gravel roads traveled.

This resulted in me only lighting my own fire to braai after 12pm.


Camp at Warmwaterberg Spa



REST DAY (Optional):

Relaxing at Warmwaterberg Spa (Optional Extra Day).

The plan for day two was to explore the roads near Plathuis between Warmwaterberg and Vyversrus.

I however turned out to be so lazy that I opted for a 4km hike up one of the hills behind the Spa followed by some relaxation in one of their natural hot spring spa baths.

Decided to stay an extra day at the Spa to explore the Plathuis area on the next day.


Hike up the hill behind Warmwaterberg Spa


As I sat at the Warmwaterberg Spa restaurant various groups of adventure bikers road past.

Shows that this gravel road cutting through Warmwaterberg Spa is frequently travelled by adventure bikers.

One of the reasons probably being that you can ride all the way from Laingsburg, Ladismith, or Vryersrus on gravel roads through Warmwaterberg Spa end reach the tar at Ronnies Sex shop.


Getting some work done



DAY 2:

Exploring the gravel roads in the Plathuis area.

Warmwaterberg Spa – Plathuis – Laingsburg – Seweweekspoort – Ladismith – Warmwaterberg Spa

The initial plan for this day was to do a short ride through the Plathuis area behind Warmwaterberg Spa but on reaching Sanbona Nature Reserve I was informed by the guard at the gate that they could not let me pass without a guide.

Even if you do ride this above mentioned road only to turn around as I did it is well worth it. You get the feeling of riding small gravel passes as far as you ride through the farm valley.


Road to Sanbona behind Warmwaterberg Spa


After turning around at Sanbona I decided to rather choose another route and backtracked to get to the Plathuis area via the R62.

Once on the R62 at the Warmwaterberg Spa road-sign you head towards Ladismith and find the Plathuis turn of on your left.


Plathuis turn-off


I decided to see what the gravel road looked like all the way from the R62 to Laingsburg (or rather 20km before Laingsburg).

What an adventure this was. I was fortunate enough to see some wildlife while travelling on this, also great condition, gravel route.


Road through Plathuis


This route between the R62 and Laingsburg also included stunning gravel passes starting with Prinspoort then followed by Outol Pass, Klein Swartberg Pass, Volstruisnek Pass, Wasbank Pass, and the final gravel pass being Perdefonteinkloof Pass.

It also features a tar pass named Witnekke.

All the gravel roads on this side of the world were in extremely great condition. The scenery did not disappoint and even though this was a farther route than planned it was well worth while.


Enroute to Laingsburg


After re-fuelling at Laingsburg I back tracked again on the R323 towards Seweweekspoort. I decided that since I was in the area it would be a waste not to enjoy this road.

The gravel road, R323, from Laingsburg to Seweweekspoort was in impeccable condition. I reached Seweweekspoort almost disappointed that the road came to an end.


R323 to Seweweekspoort


Seweweekspoort remains a wonderful road and definitely one of my favourites.




It was an extremely hot day, sporting a lovely 37 degrees celsius, and pushed as hard as possible on the return to Warmwaterberg Spa for some cool-down relief.

As I stopped at my campsite an elderly gentleman came over and introduced himself. He shared some photos of his vintage motorcycle and invited me to join their outrides. Once again this just shows you the hospitality of the biker community.



DAY 3:

A well deserved shake for the return.

Warmwaterberg Spa – Barrydale – Montagu – Ashton – Robertson – Worcester – Bainskloof Pass – Wellington – Durbanville

With this being the final day of my trip I journeyed from Warmwaterberg Spa toward Barrydale on the R62 with the compulsory stop at Diesel and Crème for one of their world famous milkshakes.


Diesel and Creme Barrydale


After gulping down a Nutella milkshake, and it was to die for, followed by a hearty “vintage” breakfast, I was ready to head towards Montagu on the R62.


World Famous Milkshake


It was another scorcher of a day with the average temperature of 37 to 38 degrees celsius. I had to stop at each town I went through to get something cold down my throat.

The first pass was Op De Tradouw Pass between Barrydale and Montagu where I encountered some baboons just before the pass.

The baboons were running around in an open farm / field and for a moment I thought “what weird sheep” until I encountered some of them closer to road and then realized they were all baboons.

The next pass was Kogmanskloof Pass and I was lucky enough to only stop at one of the three stop-and-go’s. The stop was very short. Otherwise I might have melted away there!

My first pit-stop after Barrydale was Ashton Platform 62 Wine Experience to hide under the shade of one of their trees. From here my next stop was Robertson at the Gas station to have a quick monster for some energy and I then continued onward to Worcester.

At Worcester I stopped at the Klein Plasie Fuel Station to try and cool down a bit and then headed in the direction of Ceres on the R43.


Klein Plasie Fuel Station


I reached the turn-off for Bain’s Kloof pass and knew it was time to cool down the throat again. I turned in at Calabash Bush Pub for a quick refreshment.


Calabash Bush Pub on Bain’s Kloof Pass


After cooling down it was time to continue through Bain’s Kloof Pass. This Pass is my favourite tar pass in the Western Cape. I never need an excuse to ride this pass. It is almost always on my list when in the area.

I stopped for the compulsory photo near the summit of the pass and then headed down into Wellington. From here I got onto the R44 towards Stellenbosch and then took the R302 to Durbanville.

I reached home just as it started to cool down.


This was another amazing trip and as all trips this one also did not go according to plan. But then changing routes as you go along is the best way of experiencing the stunning roads our country has on offer.

I was very fortunate to meet so many new people, experience great off the beaten track roads, see some wildlife, and relax in the natural hot healing waters.

I am already planning the next trip as I write this blog.

Enjoy the photos and videos below. Until the next trip thank you for reading my blog.



Warmwaterberg Bike Trip Videos:

DAY 1:

Eilandia Gravel Rd including Die Bloubanke Pass


Steeboksvlakte Gravel Rd including Strykhoogte Pass


Kogmanskloof Pass


Gravel road to Warmwaterberg Spa


DAY 2:

Gravel Road behind Warmwaterberg Spa to Sanbona Nature Reserve


Plathuis to Laingsburg PART 1


Plathuis to Laingsburg PART 2


Plathuis to Laingsburg PART 3




DAY 3:

Barrydale to Cape Town:



Warmwaterberg Bike Trip Photo Galleries:

Day 1:


Rest Day:


Day 2:


Day 3:



Trip Accommodation:

Warmwaterberg Spa

Link to their website: Click Here

I cannot recommend Warmwaterberg Spa enough. The absolute tranquillity and the therapeutic elements of the natural hot springs combined with great traditional South African food is a must to experience.

Not to forget the affordability of their tariffs overall.

The venue also offers a decent shop and a restaurant. The restaurant is not always open. They usually open from breakfast to lunch and then again for dinner.

Everytime I visit something has been added or upgraded meaning the management is really looking after their establishment. They do however refrain form loosing that relaxing rustic farm feel.

Therefore this is one of favourites and on my list of yearly visits.