Self Guided Motorcycle Tours – Self Drive Motorcycle Tours


At Bike Trips we also offer Self Guided Motorcycle Tours for adventurers who do not have the time or knowledge to plan their own motorcycle routes.

Our Self Guided Bike Trip Routes are custom planned according to your requirements and includes everything from scenic tar and gravel routes, points of interest along the way, and also accommodation for each planned day.

Bring or rent your own motorcycle and come explore the wonders of the Western Cape, South Africa.






self guided motorcycle tours

Enjoy the adventure without the hassle of trip planning.


self guided motorcycle tours

Experience scenery and roads not listed on regular tour itineraries.


self drive motorcycle tours

Explore at your own pace.


self drive motorcycle tours

Routes planned according to your experience level.


Once-off Per Person Fee

*Starting from **TBA-2022**
*for a group of 5 persons on a 3 day trip (NB – used as example).

Special discounts will apply for larger and international groups.




Our Self Guided Motorcycle Routes Include:

  • Importable GPX planned bike trip route to import into your GPS or Smartphone.
  • Detailed information on the scenic routes planned for the trip.
  • Pre planned points of interest on the route.
  • Pre-booked accommodation for every night of the trip.
  • Any amount of days can be planned.
  • Trips can be planned to be tar only or combination of tar and gravel.


IMPORTANT – Please note that our self drive motorcycle tours does not include a tour guide, support vehicles, bike rental, fuel, snacks, or any other entertainment fees unless stipulated as included.


Available Optional Extras:

We can on special request assist with arranging the following at extra cost:

self guided motorcycle tours

Support vehicle with trailer.

self guided motorcycle tours

Motorcycle rental.

self guided motorcycle tours

Dinner and/or breakfast can be arranged if venues allow.



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