Haaskraal Rd Bike Trip – Day Trip

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Haaskraal Rd & Porseleinberg Rd Bike Trip – Day Trip on Gravel Roads

haaskraal rd bike trip

Situated just outside Wellington towards Hermon / Riebeeck Kasteel. Approximately 24km stretch of gravel road.  Haaskraal Rd eventually turns into Porseleinberg Rd.


Route Map

Haaskraal Rd Bike Trip

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Haaskraal Rd & Porseleinberg Rd Motorcycle Trip Highlights:

  • Lady Loch Bridge – Wellington.
  • Haaskraal Rd – Gravel road between Wellington and Hermon.
  • Porseleinberg Rd – Gravel road between Wellington and Hermon.
  • Du Vlei Farmstall – Outside Hermon.



Haaskraal Rd Bike Trip Report:

We started this trip in Wellington to view the historic Lady Loch Bridge.  Originally constructed in 1853 out of wood, the bridge was re-constructed during 1910 to be the first all-steel bridge in South Africa.  Amazing the small finds in ones back yard.


Lady Loch Bridge – Wellington


Now before we go any further; I need to mention that the week prior to this trip Cape Town received much needed rain storms.  With that said we knew the possibility of finding the gravel routes in bad shape when we embarked on this trip.

Next stop Haaskraal Rd and then Porseleinberg Rd.

Haaskraal Rd started out as a very pleasant ride for the first few kilometers after which the temporary warning sign posts started.  “Water” which usually means muddy roads ahead on gravel.  This was indeed the case for the remainder of this route.


Muddy sections on Haaskraal Rd


Even though we experienced a lot of mud and even more potholes we can still recommend this is an extremely scenic trip enroute to Hermon or even Riebeek Kasteel.  We can only imagine that this road will normally be in a good all round shape due to all the  warning tape and temporary warning road signs placed near difficult areas on this road.

Once again the views are amazing and we had to stop quite a few times to take it all in.

Haaskraal Rd later on turns into Porseleinberg Rd.  Porseleinberg Rd offers a variety of inclines, downward slants, twisties, and long straight open stretches.


Great views on Porseleinberg Rd


At the end of this gravel route we stopped at Du Vlei Farmstall for much need refreshments.  From there we set on to the next chapter of this trip; Verveld Pass in Piketberg.



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