Motorcycle Trip Accessories Suppliers in Cape Town

Below is a directory of some of the motorcycle trip accessories suppliers in Cape Town to help plan and make sure you have everything that you need for your next motorcycle adventure.


Motorcycle Travel Accessories & Trip Preparation

Flying Brick:

Everything you might need for a longer trip, reserve fuel tanks, bags, panniers, tools, gadgets, clothing, camping gear, and a lot more.

We buy most of our accessories and gadgets from them. Chargers, charging accessories, tyre compressors, tyre removal tools, phone and gps mounts, wide footpegs, pannier racks and more. The list is endless, we can never walk out with just what we went for. They offer excellent advice and always understand our requirements.

Location: Paarden Eiland


Contact Number: +27 21 510 6455


Trac Mac Bellville:

Motorcycle repairs, parts, tools, clothing, and more

We pretty much buy all of lubricants, tyres, tubes, chains, sprockets, brake pads and more from them. They delivery great service, friendly advice, and they have great discounts on most of their items in store.  They offer a wide variety of options and we never left without anything we needed.

Location: Bellville


Contact Number: +27 21 945 3724 / +27 21 945 3725


Trac Mac Paarden Eiland:

Motorcycle repairs, parts, tools, clothing, and more

We stop here when in the area when we are unable to stop at their Bellville branch, but once again great service and great advice.

Location: Paarden Eiland


Contact Number: +27 21 510 2258



Motorcycle accessories, crashbars, bluetooth communication, helmets, bike protection parts, fuel carrying solutions, and lots more

Yes they are not in Cape Town, but they courier to your doorstep.  So far we have order a Sena 10C, Handlebar raisers and have a long list of items to order from them in the near future.  They deliver the best online ordering service and we will recommend them to anyone who wishes to order from them online.

Location: Port Elizabeth


Contact Number: +27 (0)41 466 2553 / 079 442 7381


BMW Donford Motorrad Cape Town

Genuine BMW motorcycle replacement parts

We buy all our service and replacement parts from them and the service is great and always on time. If you need a genuine BMW part they are highly recommended.

Location: Cape Town City Centre


Contact Number: 021 815 5000



Motorcycle Tyres

Trac Mac Bellville:

We buy all our tyres and tubes from them.

Location: Bellville


Contact Number: +27 21 945 3724 / +27 21 945 3725


Cape Bike Tyre:

Have not used them yet but we only hear great things!

Location: Woodstock


Contact Number: +27 82 718 4156


Just Bike Tire:

Have not used them yet but we only hear great things!

Location: Brackenfell


Contact Number: +27 21 981 8399



GPS Navigation & Map Apps


This offline maps solution is great for when you are in areas where signal and data is an issue.

The app allows you to download the needed maps at home and then use it on the road without any internet connection.

You are also able to import maps from various other mapping solutions.

It also offers searchable points of interest (POI) like hotels, restaurants and camp-sites.

This one is a life saver when you are in areas without signal.



Though this app is still slowly gaining interest in South Africa, it is definitely one to keep following.

It is great to use for custom route-planning that can export to a number of different formats including GPX.

You can then use these exported files in Maps.Me for on route directions and navigation.



This app is community-based that anyone can add points of interest to.

This app is great to use to find information on camping, wild camping, informal camping, hotels, hostels, restaurants, mechanics, clean water sources, border posts, police check-points.

Once you start using this app you will realize how valuable it is!


Air BnB

By now most of us know about AirBnB and the services they offer.

It still remains a great way to find affordable accommodation while you are on a bike trip.


Couch Surfing

Couch Surfing is as the name states, cheap accommodation where like minded individuals open their homes for travelers.

The accommodation is offered for free or a cheap rate in exchange for good company.

This is true authentic accommodation as you will get to spend some time with the locals of the town, learn more about the town, share travel stories, and save a lot of money on accommodation.



Another app to keep your eye on though they are not yet very big in South Africa.

This app offers accommodation, traffic accident information on the road, and is also a tracking app.