Olienhof Caravan Park – Prince Albert

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Olienhof Cottages and Caravan Park – Accommodation Prince Albert

Olienhof – Prince Albert


The campsite is located in the heart of Prince Albert. Electricity is available at the campsites as well as braai drums. You need to bring your own grid and wood as they cannot supply this. The hosts are very friendly and they took special care of me by moving me to their front lawn to have more shade. They even went out of their way to supply me with an electrical lead to ensure that I had electricity.

The only downsides were that even though I tried to shower early morning there was no more hot water left and there are lots and lots of ants everywhere. If you leave your tent open for a minute you will find it crawling with ants. Also be prepared to no walk bare footed as they bite!


Olienhof Cottages and Caravan Park Contact Details:

Website: http://princealbert.org.za/olienhof-1/

Contact number: +27 72 465 8314

Email: wendy@princealbertolives.co.za

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