Evita Se Perron – Darling

 Cape Evita Se Perron – Darling – Bike Trips 

evita se perron darling
Evita se Perron


Evita se Perron is situated on the old Darling railway station in Darling.

The venue is Evita Bezuidenhout in full form. All the items and decor on display is theme styled and focused on making fun of the old apartheid era in South Africa.

Evita performs live on stage perfomances at certain times at the venue.  The venue also offers a museum section.

There is a “fun” garden. You have to see this one to understand.

The restaurant offers outdoor seating, train style seating, and indoor seating next to the stage where Evita performs.

There is also a mini cinema / auditorium where she/he performs.

This one is definitely worth a visit and the breakfasts are great!


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Evita se Perron Gallery