Elgin Railway Market – Grabouw

Bike trip points of interest – Elgin Railway Market

elgin railway market
Elgin Railway Market


Situated just outside Grabouw in Elgin Village.

The Elgin Railway Market is definitely one of the favorites on our list of points of interest.  This railway market is a must see for travelers in the Grabouw / Elgin area.

Upon arrival we were greeted by a friendly car guard who guided us to our own VIP motorcycle parking right in front of the entrance.


VIP Parking for Motorcycles


The decorators of the market has spared no attention to detail.

As you enter the front doors you are immediately overwhelmed by the true steampunk style train-station vibe.  You would not say you have just entered a modern styled building from the outside.

From railings, chairs to ceiling fans, all designed and applied to suit the steam-train station era.

Ambient background music is played by a live band which ads to that extra nostalgia of yesteryear. (See the short video clip at the end).

The food stalls offer something for everyone, from coffee and donuts, to gourmet style burgers, pizza, breakfast, steak, and gourmet salads.  Then there is also something for the sweet tooth in the form of creatively designed ice-cream sticks, baked produce, and also chocolate.

What draws the most attention at the food stalls is that all the food is on display, making it easier for you to decide what you want to order.


Just some of the food on display


Other than just food stalls, there are also various stalls where you can taste some of the best of Elgins’ wines.

They are “kid friendly” and offer various activities near their outdoor seating from where parents can keep a watchful eye.

Every now and then they have an old steam locomotive demonstration which can be viewed from the upper level balconies. This unfortunately only happens a couple of times a month and you would need to pre-check with them to find out when.  But we are sure this will be a treat.


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Elgin Railway Market Gallery


Just a short clip of the live band at Elgin Railway Market: